Good evening, everyone!


First I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Cen Zhiwei, my major is computer science, and my field is computer networks. I am the board master of foreign language board of the fudan BBS. I am proud of that. I used to write an English novel with another net friend on the board. And everyone is welcome to write your own originals. Welcome to our board!

1. Story

1.        Ok, let’s go to the topic. I'd like to begin with a story of the God.


2.        Long long ago, you and I were not born, even our parents. People in the world lived close to each other. They were just in one community. One day they decided to build a tower, a very tall tower. They called the tower Babel. But, you know, there is a God, a very powerful guy. He could do everything, but very jealous. He didn't want people to build the tower. So the God said, look, the people is one, and they have all one language; and they begin to build the tower: and now nothing will prevent them.


3.        He thought and thought. Finally, one way is out. He told his man, "Go down, let us go down, and confound their language, so that they could not understand one another’s speech. They will not be able to go on with their work."


4.        In this way, the God scattered people all around the earth, with different languages, and they left off to build the city.


5.        That is the famous story about "the Tower of Babel". The god is really a bright guy. In my humble opinion, he doesn't know much about how to help people, but he know how to destroy them, that is, to make them unable to communicate! And he succeeded!


6.        Moral of the story is, communication is so important. Without communication, we can hardly do anything.


7.        There is a famous saying, he who laughs last laughs best. If the God is present here in the classroom this evening, he should also admit his failure now. It is the human being who laughs last, so laughs best. Why? There is only one answer. We have got the Internet!

2. Freedom of Communication

8.        With Internet, any people in the globe, as long as he's got a computer and a telephone line, he can get connected, so he can communicate! He can get himself known and know other people. That is the power of the net.


9.        In the information age, each computer is a rifle. And the computer networks is the air for the bullets to travel. Fifty years ago the fathers of our republic use rifles to fight for our liberation, but now, in the information age, we should fight our lives through keyboards, buttons of the mouse, cables and fibers. So someone may become worry. In nowadays, a media giant will go the way of the eighteenth century tyrant. (That's why we should pay attention to Bill Gates, hehe)


10.    But wait, we don’t have to be so pessimistic. Because now everyone is holding the rifle. We are the media. Through this media we can express our own ideas and plans. No one would prevent us or fool us. One example is, when the NATO bombed our embassy, it was the net that first published the information to the public. People have the right to know the truth and now net gives people the way to know the truth.


11.    What’s more, we can use the net rifle to do other things. We can shoot the bullets of love, friendship and academic development. Those are the essence of net communication.

3. The Global Village

12.    When I came to the net two warnings. One is, there are two hundred million people on the net, and some of them are bound to be as crazy as you. A few are even crazier. So you should be careful.


13.    Really dreadful, right? But is it the fault of the net? Some people are dangerous, but without net, they are still dangerous. And net can make sure your physical safety. When you met a guy in a chatting room, who said, “hi, baby! I am a hooligan. How about walking together?” You can easily shake him off on the net. But just imagine the same thing in the street!


14.    The other warning is from a member of IETF(IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force, an international organization to make internet standards, such as HTTP and so on). He said, “the only two activities where the participants are called users,” he said, “are drugs and computers.”


15.    Even more dreadful. Computer is as harmful as marijuana. In fact it is just reflecting the nature of our human beings. I was born in a small village. All the residents there know each other. Every time I return, someone will call me, "hi, boy, you are even taller!". So I’ll be very happy. Why? Because I feel important. We are natural villagers in our deep characters. For most of mankind’s history we have lived in very small communities in which we knew everybody and everybody knew us. But gradually there is so many people, and our communities became too large, too disparate that we are unable to feel a part of them. Now the net is meeting the task to draw us together. We are back in the home again. What's more, we can choose our neighbors. We don't have to move our house to meet the congeners. So mothers today are more lucky than Mengmu. She had to move three times to find good neighbors.


16.    With the new community, with the fresh ease to communicate, there is no longer anything which could hinder us to understand each other, to share the common of each other, to share the happiness and sadness, and to build the Babel tower. I am sure the God couldn’t prevent us now.




Any questions or comments?