Make Fun

Any kind of fun: to flavor the tedious daily life; to find partners sharing the common interest with you, to be the salt of your life.

 Make Progress

Much more than a high mark in English tests. The score is not all the businesses. We want fluent, native like written and spoken English. The key to proficiency in a language lies in practice. We can present an atmosphere for your to practice.

Make Friends

We've got all kinds of friends. From different majors, different cities, different Universities and oversea cyber friends.

2. What do we have?

Find us

electronic group, subjects and academics, foreign language board


novels and stories composed by cyber friends. It is a love story, by an English major and me. There is a oversea friend from Canada, wrote several good novels. Seven Days a week is a newly story, you can come to write your own plot for it.

Many examinations tips, those who excelled in GRE and TOEFL contribute their experience here.

How to say I love you in more than 100 ways. Jokes, stories.

Stories from the heart, recording the happiness and sadness of many net friends. One cyber friends present his diaries, more than thirty pieces here.

3. What can you do?

Take this board as your own notepad. Scribble anything that interests you, puzzles you, depresses you or even agonizes you.

Build up your fingers, your typing rate and your English. If you are remembering GRE words these days, you can come here to type them out, in sentences. I am sure it can help you a lot.

We can put our collection of English knowledge here, exchange the tips of all kinds of exams, which will help u attain your goal. We also glad to provide assistance to all kinds of translation, (free of charge but no quality guarantee).

4. Board masters


the one who loves travel. Our big brother, majoring in biology, already in work.


naughty, and sagacious


me, if you want to know more, you can ask myself


news major, knowledgable, business girl


law major, eloquent orator, if he comes, surely he will win the contest tonight